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Dentaltown Dentists Vote A-dec Best in Class

Since 2003, Dentaltown magazine's online community of dental professionals has nominated the industry's top dental products through the Townie Choice Awards.

They voted A-dec "Best in Class" in six categories: Best Patient Chairs, Best Delivery Systems, Best Operatory Lights, Best Dental Cabinetry,  Best Stools, and Best Waterline Systems.

Best Patient Chairs (2003-2016). Learn more about A-dec patient chairs.

Best Delivery Systems (2003-2016). Learn more about A-dec delivery systems.

Best Operatory Lights (2003-2016). Learn more about A-dec dental lights.

Best Dental Cabinetry (2008, 2010-2016). Learn more about A-dec dental cabinets.

Best Stools (2003, 2005-2016). Learn more about A-dec stools.

Best Unit Waterline Treatments (2004-2016). Learn more about A-dec waterline systems (ICX).